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IP10x / APort-31x

IP10x/APort31x series are easy to use Serial over Ethernet modules. Every module features one 10/100 Ethernet port and 1 to 4 RS232/422/485 ports (DIP-switch selectable). IP101 and APort-311 have one serial port, IP102/Aport-312 2 ports and IP104 has 4 ports.

IP Module In Serial Tunnel

  • In paired mode (or tunnel mode) you will need 2 IP10x/APort31x
  • Choose either TCP (safer, recommended) or UDP (faster) mode
  • One module needs to work as "client" and the other as "server"
  • For make safe pairing we need to use fixed IP addresses

RoHS conformity changes

The hardware for old IP101 and new IP101 is same architecture. But there are some modification in part to meet RoHS. The major different is in power adaptor. So it is no difference in firmware.


Please keep in mind that ver1.5 and ver1.8 firmware is fully different. If customer could use ver1.5 firmware, then we don't suggest to upgrade. The upgrade procedure is very complex. Please read the PDF file in attached file carefully. There are two steps to upgrade the firmware.

  • step 1===> to upgrade ver1.5 to middle version firmware.
  • step 2===> to upgrade middle version to ver1.8

Please use one clean environment (just one PC and one IP101 in LAN connection) to do upgrade procedure.

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