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IDS-50xx are serial device servers for either serial-over-ethernet and/or serial-over-WLAN communication (IDS-50xx-WG models). Several models (IDS-50x2) feature dual LAN ports for ethernet redundancy (recovery time <10ms). Also all models share redundant dual power inputs (12-48VDC). The supplied DS-Tools setup & administration software allows complete configuration of devices, and includes Wizard function for easy step-by-step setup of all connected devices.

General hints

  • When connecting the modules for the first time with the host PC, make sure both are in the same subnet. The default IP of IDS-50xx is - so the host PC should have for example or any other IP in the 192.168.10 subnet. Otherwise, DS-Tools might not be able to connect to the device. You may change the device´s IP address via DS-Tools later.

IDS-50xx-WG (WLAN models) hints

  • If you want IDS-50xx-WG to connect to your host PC (or another IDS-50xx-WG in tunnel mode), make sure no ethernet cable is connected to IDS-50xx-WG´s LAN port. If IDS-50xx-WG is connected via LAN, it will automatically disable WLAN to avoid dual connection. So, WLAN will only work when there is no connection to a wire-based LAN available.
  • The SSID of your WLAN should not contain a "space" - i.e., you may call it for example "IDS_WLAN", but "IDS WLAN" will not work.

IP Module In Serial Tunnel

  • In paired mode (or tunnel mode) you will need 2 IDS-50xx
  • Choose either TCP (safer, recommended) or UDP (faster) mode
  • One module needs to work as "client" and the other as "server"
  • DS-Tools (included) allows easy tunnel mode setup via step-by-step Wizard
  • Tunnel mode works either via LAN or WLAN connection (IDS-50xx-WG models)
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