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APortxxx are serial device servers for serial-over-ethernet communication. The 3-digit code "xxx" lists the number of RS232 - isolated RS232 - isolated RS422/485 ports. For example, APort400 has 4 RS232 ports, APort020 has 2 ground isolated RS232 ports and APort004 has four ground isolated RS422/485 ports.

General hints

  • When connecting the modules for the first time with the host PC, make sure both are in the same subnet. The default IP of APortxxx is - so the host PC should have for example or any other IP in the 192.168.1 subnet. This prevents problems due to network connectivity issues. When you have forgotten APortxxx´s IP, you can search it using aport_ap.exe management tool.
  • APortxxx also features complete web interface for all settings - simply type in APortxxx`s IP address in your browser ( on default).

APortxxx special features

  • Each port of a single APortxxx device can be assigned to an arbitrary host PC (Linux or Windows based) - e.g., Port 1 can be assigned to a Linux server as a remote TTY port, and Port 2 can be assigned to a Windows-based workstation as a virtual COM port. Basically, the multi-port models of APortxxx behave like independent single port serial device servers sharing one IP address.

IP Module In Serial Tunnel

  • In paired mode (or tunnel mode) you will need 2 APortxxx
  • Choose either TCP (safer, recommended) or UDP (faster) mode
  • One module needs to work as "client" and the other as "server"
  • Paired mode can be used for serial-over-ethernet transmission without installing a driver on the host PC.
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